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Updated 10/29/12
Brian "GOAT" Thornton

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Rebuilding Services & Specialties

  • Restoration of Pneumatic Player Piano Actions, Organs, Organettes and Orchestrions
  • Restoration of Barrel Pianos & Organs
  • Conversion of instruments, like Accordions, drums, and other percussion to pneumatic operation
  • Duplication and Fabrication of Stacks, pumps and other components
  • Manufacture of music rolls for organettes and other devices
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    Gallery - Some of the more interesting pieces I have restored over the years

    celestina Monroe Orchestrone


    November 2011, I purchased the punching and other roll making aspects of Schmidt's Music Rolls. I have upgraded the soft and hardware and are offering additional tunes, compilations and arrangements for most American made organettes and 110/140mm 20note street organs
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